Keys Of triumph - online



Based in Tirana, Albania

• Beta: March 1, 2019

• Full Release: September 1, 2019

• Browser
• Windows/Mac/Linux

• Android/ iOS


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Keys Of Triumph is a 3D multiplayer RPG where you can play with thousands of other players without the need of installing anything, directly from your browser. You choose to be part of one of the three states in the game, Arvidea, Aragos or Danji, you start as 18 year old and gradually get older.

During your lifetime, you will be able to yeld different abilities, help the game characters with their missions and protect your state territories from invastion or invade other states territories. You also will be able to create your own guild, choose a king for your country amongst the players or be elected as one.

Everything you do in the game will impact your reputation. At the end of your characters life, you immediatly will be able to create your offspring by inheriting your wealth and part of your reputation.

Central to Keys Of Triumph are also the legendary stones which are unique and each of them gives extraordinary and unique abilities for the character who yelds them. If you don't want to participate in the war between the states and you want to play alone, you can explore the countless dungeons where you will find legendary monsters and loot.


Keys Of Triumph is UnniGames debut game. UnniGames was created in the beginning of 2018 with the purpose of delivering amazing 3D gaming experiences directly from the browser. Keys of Triumph is their first title and is set to go in a beta phase in March 2019 and on a full release in September 2019.

• Live and die - create your legacy
• Master hundreds of skills - change builds during battle
• Elect your king or candidate to rule your state
• Play directly on the browser without the need to download anything
• Hunt the 3 legendary stones for amazing abilities
• Score points for your state in a never ending state conflict

About UnniGames

UnniGames is a small game studio based in Tirana, Albania. We think the browser is the platform for the future of pc and mobile gaming and we want to be present in that future. Keys of Triumph is our first title but more are yet to come.

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